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Appy Apps focuses primarily on Project Management for App Development and backend Services. I started out about just over a year ago, having worked in a startup for 1year and 9 months. And before that was enslaved by corporate overlords in about 6 different companies from Independent Newspapers, to MXit and Media 24.

The Project Management work ranges from working on site with a team of the client’s Developers as many companies have the skill set internally but not the capacity of their current PM’s to execute. Alternatively i also commission work from local and international freelance developers and designers for projects that require all the areas.

Of late I have been working primarily with a US-based Startup called Gigster as a PM and QA and these projects are where you will most likely be exposed to.


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IgsaanPic (1)Igsaan Salie
Founder, Owner and CEO of Appy Appys

What makes your team unique?

I’m in it … no one else can say that! Boom! Owned. Apart from that, I have rarely met anyone that I have worked with as the entire team of people I interact with are spread across the globe from Tokyo to Brazil so it adds in a unique set of challenges you will not find in a day to day setting where you can simply walk over and draw someone a picture. Add a few thousand miles between you and that person, time zones and accents and you have a pretty “different” setup.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I get to laugh at my own jokes… no one else will. Prudes… But to be honest it’s the flexibility. To be “at work” where I have a laptop and an internet connection is such a shift from the corporate culture in South Africa.

Describe your company culture.

Well it’s pretty much my culture since its just me. The culture is not to take things too seriously, move at a rapid pace and keeping a lot of things up in the air at the same time so the orchestra can keep on playing.

What do you hope your interns will get out of this experience?

A genuine humane way to look at Product Management. It sounds profound and shit but what I have seen is a lot of this “holier than thou” shit from PM’s towards Developers. Mutual respect and acceptance that you are not the smartest person in the room are two big steps towards being a great person and a great PM who people want to work with and give work to.

What’s your story?

I started out as a Journalist, majoring in English and New Media. Started writing for newspapers- got bored of the pay.

I moved to looking after content on Websites, then moved to looking after a Financial Website as well as their in house apps. Then moved to looking after News Apps. They needed someone that understood news first and THEN apps. Previous PM’s didn’t read the news so that kinda made things… awks!
Then started looking after LOT’S of news apps – like 18 from BB to Windows Phone, to iOS and Android on phone, tablet and tv.

Then wanted to try that world of singular focus and joined a startup called Connecto and focused on a single product on iOS and Android. The goal being i wanted to take a leap into my own company but this was a nice launch pad to get to know the ropes.

I decided to leave the startup but didn’t have a cool world changing idea of what product to build… I hear that is important for a startup.

So started Appy Apps to help build other people’s ideas and through the motions of doing this hope to sum up one of my own. (Fingers crossed)
I now wake up every morning not knowing what’s going happen today and if the month end targets will be hit but hoping. It’s not for everyone and the unreliability of income can be daunting but, for now, its bearable. 🙂

Appy Apps has been going for about a year and a bit. Started out doing way too much and saying yes to everything. Then drowned a bit under the workload.
Appy Apps currently have two local clients who we do some WordPress site and theme work for.  In addition to this, we have two US based clients in the property market also doing occasional WordPress work for using local part time Devs.
Appy Apps curently have 8 projects underway with Gigster based in the US and Australia, and none of the team is even on this continent.