Brookwood Capital


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Aaron Fuchs
Founder and CEO of Brookwood Capital

What makes your team unique?

We are a young and dynamic team that is quite aggressive in our investment approach. We are not afraid to take a well-researched risk. Our team has a blend of experiences ranging from professional poker, accounting, tech, finance, and entrepreneurship.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Finding the diamonds in the rough. There are loads of investment opportunities out there, it’s about finding the investments that align with our personal interests. When you are passionate about you do every day it shows in your results.

Describe your company culture.

A very driven group, we are results and data orientated. We do not like to sit in offices, our work takes place outside by meeting people and finding new pieces of information that help us make good investment decisions. This proactive culture really helps us find good opportunities and makes for an awesome lifestyle of meeting people and analyzing data.

What do you hope your interns will get out of this experience?

Our interns will be pushed out of their comfort zone and really required to be proactive. The skills they will learn here will truly help them in any career they pursue. The goal is to have them working on real investment opportunities and hopefully adding so much value that one or two of their ideas actually gets implemented.

What’s your story? 

After completing a BSc in Mechanical Engineering at Yale, I spent 2 years working at SAC Capital on Wall Street. I found his passion lay in technology and education and moved back to South Africa where I then founded iX. I’m most satisfied when seeing the life-changing effect iX has on its students.