Too many people are stressed over difficult financial decisions when it comes to things like personal loans, payday or short-term loans and student loans. Enter a world (yes, right here in South Africa), where this is about to change.

Fincheck is an online financial and loan comparison website for South Africa at large. We gather and organize all cost information from South Africa’s big banks and smaller microlenders. This is to make your financial decisions – as everyday South African citizens – easier through simple-to-use financial and loan comparison calculators.

Many South Africans are in search of a lender that will offer them the most attractive repayment terms, interest rates, and packages. With online loan applications higher than ever before, Fincheck has entered the space with a mission to make this process easier and simpler than it has ever been.

Our system strives to source the most accurate and up to date financial information based on your financial profile. All you need to do is select the amount of money you are looking for and the time period over which you wish to repay. We will then source all the options from the banks and lenders, and provide you with the findings. This will be available to you in a user-friendly format which allows you to make an appropriate and informed financial decision.

Fincheck strives to be the most cost-effective manner of assessing your loan options, by allowing you to save time, effort and money. By providing us with your information we can ensure that you are not charged more than necessary. We not only pursue to save you time, effort and money but also to help you towards a healthy credit score. Fincheck presents multiple loan options to you, as well as information that might not be easy to find on the lender’s website. This enables you to check loan options in one place rather than applying through many different companies. This means you are protecting your credit score simply by using Fincheck’s online process!

Continuous updates enable Fincheck to remain at the forefront of financial movements. We do the work and organize the information so you can find the financing options that best suit your needs.



Michael Bowren (1)Michael Bowren

What makes your team unique? 

Our team is made up of 5 uniquely talented individuals. We have qualifications and strengths in an array of areas ranging from Fund management to construction engineering. We all believe in a healthy work-life balance which shows in the way our projects are managed.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Punching above one’s weight. We often hold meetings with extremely successful individuals and CEOs. Great way to learn.

We hand over reigns to our colleagues. They then need to realize and ROI. We adopt and execute the ‘weird’ ideas.

What do you hope your interns will get out of this experience? 

A bottom-up view on how companies run with the focus being on ROI for each and every task handed out. Being a young company we need to measure each task to know if it worked or not. The projects they work on could be of significant value. The intern will be in touch with numerous aspects of a company, rather than one specific task.

Mini bio.

Michael Bowren is CEO of He holds a Bachelor of Science degree which he obtained from the University of Cape Town in 2012. During his final year of study, he worked as a financial and management consultant. Before starting up the innovative online financial comparisons site,, he worked as a junior engineer for construction firm WBHO. Prior to this, he was involved with high-value game breeding in the Eastern Cape. As chief executive of Fincheck, Michael’s focus is on achieving measurable results while making financial information easy to understand for South Africans. Michael has been the primary driver of the partnerships Fincheck has formed with registered financial services provider in the South African market. He retains his passion for wildlife, animal welfare, and the environment and has a natural instinct for adventure.

Christopher Ball is chief innovation officer of Fincheck. He is also an investment analyst at AlphaWealth. In 2011, Christopher graduated from Stellenbosch University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree with accounting and quantitative management majors. During his studies, he clocked up practical experience as an intern at three prominent companies. Before completing his B.Comm Honours degree in 2013 in Quantitative Management, Chris took a gap year to work at a game lodge in Kenya, an asset management firm in London, and at an outreach college in Mpumalanga. Prior to joining AlphaWealth in March 2015, he was the business developer at a peer-to-peer lending company. Chris has played a vital role in the development of the Fincheck portal – ensuring its sophistication while allowing ordinary South Africans to benefit from the service. He is a keen sportsman, a talented cook, and a music lover.