Generation Schools



Generation Schools aim to provide an education model that is becoming extremely popular worldwide. The founders of Google, Wikipedia and all had the benefit of this philosophy of education, and they credit their success to the “divergent thinking” which this philosophy of education offers.

With a world that is continuously changing, the focus is not to ‘box’ a particular time frame in terms of teaching methods, but to understand that the focus is on an educational model that will grow with change, and that is founded on teaching principles that have been in existence since the 1800’s.

This divergent thinking sees the schools incorporate various models of education into their teaching philosophy. Montessori philosophy, in the early years, followed by the Cambridge model in Primary and into High School, which offers IGCSE’s, GSE, AS and A levels, with an international matriculation so that learners can study anywhere in the world.

Generation schools offer learning rich environments, with a strong focus in academics, while respecting the individual growth of each learner (vital in the foundation years).



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GSHO-01Jevron Epstein
Managing Director at Generation Schools

What makes your team unique?

Generation Schools was founded and driven by a young team. We strive to be unique in every aspect of every undertaking. This comes to life in various shapes and forms: Our CEO started the group of schools at the age of 28; after being in existence for 1.5 years, we have been named as a top innovative school out of 10 000 Cambridge schools; our teachers have a ping pong table in their staff room; we prepare every meal served and/or eaten on campus; the list goes on…

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Diversity. One day I will be doing enrollments, the next I will be meeting the Finnish Minister of Education.

Describe your company culture.

At Generation Schools, we believe in discovering the individual talents of each child and creating an environment where curiosity is king and the love of learning is actively encouraged and nurtured. Where knowledge is not only taught, but also experienced. Each child is allowed to discover their true passions naturally, so that they can grow to become creative, inventive women and men who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done. The future lies open to those who keep their love for learning alive and it is our responsibility to guide it.

What do you hope your interns will get out of this experience?

We hope that the interns discover the important of education and gather an overall understanding to the everyday running of a group of schools.

What’s your story?

Jevron Epstein – CEO of Generation Schools. Jevron completed his articles at Noland’s Incorporated. He studied a double-major in finance and organisational psychology. Focusing on finance, he enrolled to become a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Staying on after his articles, Jevron assisted the business development division of Noland’s, looking after their clients’ synergies and business opportunities. Jevron left Noland’s and spent six months in Johannesburg working for a corporate finance house assisting with the listing of entities and their compliance.

Jevron has a passion for business and social responsibility. Jevron is a striving entrepreneur and the founder of Reporting Solutions an Accountancy Firm. Jevron is the founder and CEO of Generation Schools. Jevron’s focus is on providing an exceptional educational institute for the South African community and plans to grow the group of schools.

Jevron has been the managing director of Generation Education since 2015. He was instrumental in founding and developing the Generation brand as a whole. He recently attended the Mandela Washington Fellowship Summit in DC for young African leaders and will be spearheading the expansion of Generation Education. Jevron is a sports fanatic and has recently started a family.