Our approach to solving traditional business challenges is the same as our approach to empowering the South African community – we take it one micro-job at a time. Since its launch in December 2014, M4JAM has issued thousands of jobs to its active jobber base that has grown to over 140 000 South Africans. Today it’s trusted by some of South Africa’s biggest brands to help them connect to the people that use their products and services every day. All while placing economic freedom in the hands of the communities that need it most.

M4Jam is a digital platform that displays available micro-jobs in your area. It is designed to empower the under- and unemployed people of South Africa.

Supporting its core business, M4Jam has an existing division that employs 3,300 people, distributing product into the informal sector nationally.


M4Jam aims to be the largest provider of jobs in South Africa affording government and big business access to the largest on-demand work and sales force.


M4Jam’s core business is the development and growth of Micro-Entrepreneurs – enabling them to generate a sustainable income.  

Target market:

Our focus is the unemployed youth.


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Richard Dunn

Digital strategy executive at M4JAM

What makes your team unique? 

At M4Jam, we don’t work like our jobs depend on it. We work like hundreds of thousands of jobs depend on it. The easy-to-do-jobs we create on the M4Jam platform empowers communities across South Africa, every day. We believe that’s a job worth having. It’s with this mindset that fuels our passion for delivering solutions that will leave a lasting and positive impact on both our clients’ businesses as well as the communities they serve.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I don’t see changing the country and the world as a big job, I see it as everybody’s job. Youth unemployment is close to 60% across more than 20 million sub-25-year-olds in South Africa! Young people from underserved communities have little hope of becoming successful entrepreneurs. The education system – designed for mass production of the Industrial Era – is failing them and when they do progress to tertiary educational institutes, they lack access to economic opportunities and work readiness skills & experience.

M4Jam aims to be the largest provider of jobs in South Africa affording government and big business access to the largest on-demand work and sales force. Micro-jobbing and micro-training using mobile technology will do to traditional employment and education what Uber has done to transport. We aim to become the biggest job creators of youth in the country in 5 years.

I don’t enjoy my job, I Love it!

Describe your company culture. 

We are meticulous and fanatically disciplined in everything we do. We enthusiastically lead the way when it comes to providing solutions and improving the world we live in. And we do it all with absolute love and respect. We are M4J.

M = Meticulous: We are meticulous in our approach. We do what needs to be done when it needs to be done, exactly the way we said it would be done.

4 = 4runners: We fearlessly lead the way when it comes to solving traditional business challenges. We absolutely thrive on delivering innovative technology solutions to all our clients and consumers needs.

J = Joyous: And we do everything with enjoyment. You can call us enthusiasts. We are a fun-loving, energetic team who respects the world we live in and those we share it with – our customers, colleagues and ourselves.         

What do you hope your interns will get out of this experience? 

We hope that the interns that join us, leave with revitalized ambitions and goals to contribute towards something with greater meaning and purpose beyond themselves. Through valued contributions that fast-track our journey towards the M4Jam goals, we hope that the interns gain valuable skills and expertise through the process. And who knows, should we expand internationally one day, you may become a M4Jam Jammer soon enough!

What’s your story? 

I was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. Following in the family footsteps, I become the third generation to attend Hilton College from which I was accepted into the University of Stellenbosch.

After completing my Bachelor of commerce cum honors, I was fortunate enough to be offered a management trainee position in a reputable Logistics company and steadily grew through the ranks. Following that, I quickly learned that I had a passion to think out of the box and find the most effective route to solving our most complex problems or opportunities. This lead me to join a startup called DNI (Consultancy company and later a private equity company) in 2005 whereby we designed, created and activated products for the mass (informal) market. Through leveraging relationships and delivering on expectations, we grew from strength to strength. In 2011, the positive results justified the birth of a spin-off company called Informal Solutions Providers Pty (Ltd). The core of the business is a field marketing and sales organization which created B2C solutions for the informal trade.

I later became CEO in 2013 and took pride in seeing a young business grow to 3,500 employees strong. It was in 2015 that it became apparent that we needed to diversify our portfolio and specialize in delivering any product or service into the informal trade. It was then that our digital strategy took effect and later purchased a micro-jobbing platform called M4Jam which met all of our internal strategic needs. We later adopted the corporate identity across the company and changed the company name to become known as M4Jam.

My core focus subsequently has been more strategic and less operational, building the digital platform of M4Jam which we believe is the future of our business. I now live and work in Cape Town managing an exciting technical, marketing and support team which diligently work towards our goals of becoming the biggest job creator in the country.