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We believe that technology is able to change the way people think, behave, and communicate. By uncovering users’ needs and combining these insights with strategy, design, content, and technology, we produce relevant and functional experiences that enrich people’s lives and help companies deepen the relationships with their consumers.

We create digital products, platforms and brand experiences that connect consumers and brands in new ways.

We are focused on delivering functional systems of thoughtful, consistent and connected experiences that provide value for both consumers and brands and establish meaningful long term relationships.


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Mikey Wallis
Front End Developer

What makes your team unique?

I think that what makes our team really unique is that we work very collaboratively we don’t tend to split people over silos. We don’t have designers working in one place and developers working in another. We encourage everybody to sit together and take their time and work as collaboratively as possible from the beginning to end. We have found that this leads to a lot more learning and a cross-pollination of skills and ideas, developers tend to get a bit more design insight and vice versa. This leads to a better product at the end of the day.
What do you enjoy most about your job?

I would have to say what I enjoy the most is building really beautiful experiences. I think we place a really high focus on making sure that our work is something that people can not just use and get some sort of function out, but something that takes your breath away in how visually stunning it is.
Describe your company culture.

The company culture is relaxed but we are focused on the work. We pride ourselves on quality first and foremost. We pride ourselves on being brave and being forward thinking in trying to learn. We try to limit our processes as much as possible because we find that sometimes it holds us back in terms of learning new technologies. We try to learn as much as possible and try and stay on top of trends. We try to get everyone to explore as much as possible.

What do you hope your interns will get out of this experience?

I think the main thing is that we want them to get a sense of real working experience. We want want them to get a sense of what it is like to work in the digital industry in Africa, as well as get a sense of where in the digital space they think that they could grow and where their passion lies. You have your designers and developers, but it is deeper than this. You have the people that deal with the more creative and fun stuff and the people who are more systems and logic based. We want our interns to have learnt something in terms of their skills, and learnt something about themselves, as well as having fun.

What’s your story?

I grew up in Pretoria. I started working as a Front-end Developer quite early. I started working in Joburg and took the first Development job I came across. I was originally studying Software Development, but Front End was the first thing I came across because I really needed a job, and I actually fell in love with the more visual creative side of it. After working for a while I decided to do something that was more agency focused to build my portfolio. A lot of the work that I was being inspired by at that time was more agency focused, more visual and more experiential – so I decided that there was where I needed to go.