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Paragon is a financial services organization specializing in structured finance solutions including raising capital to support growth and expansion in established and start-up organizations. Paragon is assisting Storehouse in driving its exciting business strategy.

Storehouse is a complex of 350 garage-style units of various sizes that are rented to small space users who need a place where they can work, play or simply store stuff. Units can be used for storage, for workshops, for studios, for offices or anything in between. Users rent a basic unit and can tailor it to suit what they do and their budget by adding extras such as electricity, lighting, ceilings, floor finishes, air-conditioning, shopfronts, and mezzanines.

Leases are month to month with users paying a basic rental for their unit plus an additional rental for any extras installed. At the core of each complex is the Hub which functions as a business center offering free Wi-Fi, hot-desking facilities, coffee and lounge areas, private meeting rooms, showers and ablutions as well as outdoor pause areas. The complex offers state of the art security, access control and is open 24/7 to allow users the freedom to work, to play or store stuff whenever it suits them. In a nutshell, Storehouse provides quality, flexible space in an upmarket environment where users only pay for the extras they need.

Whatever you need extra space for, Storehouse gives you space to store, collect, work, organize, meet or just take time out.