What we do
From fashion delivered easily and efficiently to your door to the award-winning content we create on The Way of Us, Superbalist is thinking big and innovating every day.

The team
A young, energetic team that thrives in our fast-paced environment, the people who make Superbalist are the best at what they do, and bring their unique talents to creating something never seen before in SA.

Merchandise mix
Whether you’re looking for fashion or the pieces to complete your apartment, we’ll find it here. We’ve got the hottest product drops and trends from 500+ brands, all at prices to suit your pocket.

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We’re a multichannel platform, telling our story on our blog, The Way of Us, as well as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat.


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Karel Verhoeven
Senior Data Scientist at

What makes your team unique?

We are passionate about culture, growth and excellence. We focus on creative and performance elements to make our work unique. We are all part of this journey and open to  learning, sometime failing but most of the time winning, together.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I get to interact, brainstorm, experiment and learn from amazing people. Superbalist is high performance and pushes everyone but you get to push beyond what you think was personally possible.

Describe your company culture.

We are serious about our customers, our values, about excellence, leadership both in industry and people, data driven and fashion focused. We push hard to keep being disruptive, unique and fast-paced. It is not always easy but it is always challenging. Superbalist has a start-up mentality and is nimble and ever changing.

What do you hope your interns will get out of this experience?

We hope that the interns will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge within a face-paced and innovative environment. We hope that they can develop their skills and leave feeling that they have solidified some of the skills but also left having had an impact on Superbalist by doing something meaningful.

What’s your story?

The Superbalist Data Science Team is a cross functional team that consists out of 3 guys. Me (Karel Verhoeven), Gary White and Simon Sarembock. Our main aim is to assist the business in making data driven decisions through predictive and prescriptive analytics.  Key focus Areas include Marketing, Retail and Supply Chain/Logistics. We believe that with the use of statistical and more sophisticated deep learning models, there is always room for improvement throughout the various parts of the business.

I come from a pure analytics background with A Degree in Statistics and a Postgraduate Degree in Operations Research. My main area of focus within Data Science is creating complete data pipelines which feeds machine learning algorithms. So an end to end process flow. For Fun I love going to the mountains.

Simon’s studied Computer and Electrical Engineering with pure Mathematics.  His main area of focus is understanding Neural Networks. In his free time he loves computer gaming.
Gary did degree in Economics and Statistics before completing his Masters in economics. Gary’s pet projects in data science include facial recognition. For fun he loves going to the gym, do jiujitsu and Cook.