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The word VALORO is the Esperanto word for “value”. Like the international language that inspires the name, Valoro Business Consulting seeks to provide value to SME’s by leveraging and streamlining diverse teams, functions, people, and processes.

Founders Caitlin Ferreira and Chelsey Pienaar have recognised the potential for adding value to SME’s in the global market. In their work as both employees and consultants, they’ve witnessed many small to medium sized businesses flounder and shake with growth pains. Too often, successful startups become even more successful small and medium sized businesses, only to remain forever small or medium sized businesses. As they grow their clientele, the absence of structures and strategies to support the growth holds these businesses back. Just like a plant with sun but no water, the vibrant colour starts to fade and the stem never grows taller.

As the saying goes, If you do not change, you will stay the same.

If staying the same is not on your business agenda, then let us help you to improve the internal and external health of your business through simple yet tailored marketing, research and change solutions.

At Valoro Business Consulting we recognise the importance of value. The value you get, the value you give, and the changing nature of value as your business matures and grows. Our passion is helping businesses to effectively navigate this change and growth through simple, holistic business solutions designed and tailored for their needs. We’ve worked with clients across the world (SA, US, UK, Canada, Australia), and across industries (financial services, construction, retail, marketing, IS, eLearning).

Who ever said that business consulting was for corporates? With over 90% of the global market* consisting of SME’s, we choose to specialise in assisting the small to medium sized business in reaching its real potential. With expertise in marketing, research, strategy development and change, our consultants are dedicated to seeing our clients’ businesses create tangible business returns, as well as creating value for employees and customers.

Business is not complex. Business is simple. Business is creating value.


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Chelsey Pienaar 
Director and Lead Change Consultant

What makes your team unique?

The Valoro team is not concerned with D&G blazers, or fancy words that fell straight out of business school. We are an approachable, dedicated, and madly smart team of people who are serious about realistic business growth. We are passionate about the clients we meet, the problems we solve, and the creativity of the solutions that we devise. We are big on collaboration, not status; ideas, not consent. Welcome to the modern day business consultancy.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Without hesitation, I enjoy the freedom to think. The freedom to think about new problems, in new industries, with new people. The freedom to think creatively about solutions for growth. The freedom to think in coffee shops, offices, or wherever is most suitable to the work that I am performing. No project is ever the same, and so no day is ever the same, which means that I get to think about new things, in new ways, everyday. The flexibility, ownership and creativity awarded by the freedom to think makes Valoro Business Consulting one hell of a company to be a part of.

Describe your company culture.

The Valoro company culture is fun but smart, creative but serious, youthful but hard working. As a modern day consultancy, we work predominantly online (and in wifi-friendly coffee shops), which allows us to reach an international client base. This also means that our team is geographically dispersed, and consultants and content specialists come from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. But this just gives us extra flavour and a knack for innovation.

What do you hope your interns will get out of this experience?

We hope that the Interns will gain perspective and an open mind about approaching business growth in SMEs. We hope that they will learn our consulting process of diagnosis, solution creation, and solution execution, and the important role that collaboration plays in this. And we hope that they will push themselves to develop skills in a variety of business consulting competencies, including business research, business writing, marketing, strategic planning and strategic execution. There’s no time like now!

What’s your story?

Having a strong passion for business improvement and change management, Chelsey has dedicated over 8 years to learning, teaching, and practicing theories of work and change. She has consulted in change management and business research across corporates and SME’s in South Africa, United States, Canada and Australia. Industries have ranged across Finance, Construction, Education, Marketing, Information Systems and Project Management.

With Honour’s and Master’s degrees in Business Science, and Change Management, Chelsey has been well equipped with business research techniques. Her work has been presented at the international ICAP conference in Paris, France, and she has been contributor to various published articles, books and textbooks.